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WordPress Landing Page Arterra
I have created a landing page for the Arterra clinic, specialized in Google Ads campaigns for deep vein thrombosis (DVT) screening. The landing page was developed to attract and inform potential patients about the importance of DVT screening and to encourage appointments for these services.
Wordpress Presentation Website ArhiDrona
I developed a presentation website for the ArhiDrona company, which provides drone rental services for scanning, inspection, and monitoring purposes. The website was created to showcase the range of services offered by Arhidrona
WooCommerce Website iWake
I have created the online store iWake, specializing in selling wakeboard, water ski, wakesurf, stand-up paddle equipment, and accessories associated with these water sports.
Web Design CoffeeRize
We created the online store CoffeeRize, specializing in the sale of specialty coffee, coffee preparation equipment, and associated accessories.
Web Design Medicinal Leeches
We collaborated with Medicinal Leeches to develop an online store specializing in the sale of medicinal leeches.
Web Design Latifa El Gamal
We collaborated with personal fitness coach Latifa El Gamal to develop a showcase website dedicated to her services, including personalized training, nutritional consulting, and a BMI calculator.
Landing Page AsPiscine
We collaborated with As Piscine to develop a landing page dedicated to promoting pool cleaning robots.
Landing Page RoexpertCad
I collaborated with RoexpertCad to develop a dedicated landing page for promoting their drone-based topographic survey services.
Web Design Roexpert CAD
I collaborated with the company RoexpertCad to develop a website showcasing their surveying, geodesy, and drone-based topographic survey services.
Web Design AS Piscine
I collaborated with the company AS Piscine to develop a presentation website with an online store dedicated to their custom pool construction services, pool construction products, and pool maintenance accessories.
Web Design Integration Game
Integration Game wanted to provide users with a convenient way to purchase their personal development game online and receive it through courier delivery.
Web Design La Plaja Nouă
I collaborated with La Plaja Nouă Adventure Park to develop a presentation website highlighting the wakeboarding, paintball activities, event venue, terrace, and beach they offer.
Web Design Utilaje Termopan
We collaborated with Utilaje Termopan to develop a presentation website dedicated to the sale of machinery designed for workshops processing thermopane and PVC windows.
Web Design EZ-Farming
We collaborated with EZ Farming to develop a presentation website dedicated to investments in agricultural farms in Nigeria.
Web Design FlexTim Industry
We collaborated with FlexTim to develop a dedicated presentation website for their specialized incinerators designed for the proper treatment of animal and medical waste.
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